Stuff you better not say at Facebook 1/3

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

The entire offer is of course absolutely free and you never have to register!

You can be whoever you want on the internet. Too bad most people choose to be stupid.

I`m not stalking, just researching!

Please do not disturb. I`m disturbed enough already.

I was so proud of the solution. Unfortunately, it didn`t match the problem.

Memo to self: Smile. Turn around. To roll one`s eyes. Not the other way around.

Little autumn would like to be picked up from August please. Little autumn, please!

The human body consists of 90% water. So we are cucumbers with feelings.

My English is one wall free.

I don`t have cobwebs in the apartment. These are eco dream catchers!

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

As soon as I find a pirate ship with wifi, I`m kind of out of here.

My head cinema deserved an Oscar.

You always have the choice: clean up for three hours or be ashamed for a quarter of an hour.

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