Stuff you better not say at a upscale establishment 1/2

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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Yesterday I discovered my first gray bag hair. But I didn`t freak out like the other people in the elevator.

I gotta go, the swing just vacated!

In front of the emergency exit sign: "I like this a lot, these clear structures, the hard contrast of green and white and yet this urge for freedom."

I`m surprised my criminal past didn`t stop you from hiring me - thanks!

As long as my boss acts like he`s paying me real money, I`ll act like I`m doing real work.

I hate this company!

Two more hours and then it`s weekendeeeee! Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaa

I like you, you remind me of me - when I was young and stupid!

I always try to be nice and polite - but most of the time my mouth doesn`t play along.

When "Germany`s next SLEEPmodel" is chosen, my big moment will come.

Where did I get myself into this?!

I don`t really know what I`m always doing here... until someone shouts "What idiot messed that up?!", then I remember!

Sorry boss, but I just couldn`t come on time... I thought to myself, now I`ve made it for almost a year, now I`ll fill the year too!

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