Stuff you better not say while Driving 1/2

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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Look, if I drive left around a roundabout, the way to turn left is much shorter!

Don`t follow me, I`m lost too!

I`ve been listening to the radio two days in a row now - now I know all 5 songs by heart.

When it's raining, do you also look at other drivers' windshield wipers to see if they're overreacting?

Let`s try driving the other way around the roundabout, let`s see who joins us!

I`ve been thinking about leaving my car next month. Sort of like a challenge. The idea came from Flensburg.

I know a fun game! This is called "driving in English" - the winner is the one who manages to drive longer in the left lane.

Honey, you`re driving too fast...

Oh, that doesn`t matter! It`s just a scratch.

Hello?! Only 120 km/h are allowed here!

Whats that for a question? Of course I always read the newspaper while driving!

Sorry, but I HAVE to paint my nails now! Don`t worry, I can drive and paint.

I got lost! We should stop and ask for directions!

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