Stuff you better not say at a Club 1/2

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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Hey, shall we swap numbers?
No - I`m quite happy with mine.

As a former Waldorf student, I often dance insults in the disco for hours and nobody notices.

I`m so dense, you could use me as a crane place.

Honestly; when there`s leftover pizza in a bar... Social pressure is the only thing stopping me from eating them.

My watch tells me you`re not wearing any underwear!

But I`m wearing underwear?!

Oh... then it must be an hour ahead!

I dance so badly, my colleagues from the Waldorf school thought my name was Renate for years.

That guy over there is really cute. Hope he talks to me... Oh now he`s looking at me! Look away quickly.

All problems get a little smaller with beer - except your beer belly problem, that gets bigger.

Where did you get that underwear from?

I`m only drinking water today.

You're only drunk when you sing along but the music isn't playing!

Next time I talk to someone I'll just say "WHAT?! You can see me?!"

You kind of remind me of my mother.

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