Stuff you better not say at a dating site 1/1

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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Lady who is not at all gaga is looking for Summerboy without a poker face,
who is “Beautiful, Dirty, Richâ€

"Hi there?" = Me when addressing a girl.
"Hi there!" = She, if she gives me the shortest basket in Bavarian.

So you`re a single mother of one child?

Yes, I am

Do you want to be a single mother of two children?

I bought a new alarm clock today, do you want to hear it ring in the morning?

Miner is looking for a bride with a gold mine.

Conventional dishwasher is looking for a fellow dishwasher.

Steve is looking for blow jobs

Bedman is looking for a mattress that sometimes wants to be on top

Ballack fan is looking for a ballerina who will drive to the Ballermann with me
and still not Ballaballa

Hello, I`m a writer and I`m writing a phone book... I`m just missing your number.