Stuff you better not say at a Date 1/25

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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1946: "Dear lady, may I ask?"
1976: "May I take you out to dinner?"
1996: "Will You Go With Me?"
2016: "Look. Here`s a photo of my penis."

Great that the date worked out. I just got out of rehab last week.

Is your father a pastry chef?

`Cause I`m so cute?

NO! Because you are so fat!

- May I buy you a cocktail?
- No thank you! Alcohol is bad for my legs!
- How so? Do they swell?
- No, they`re breaking up.

Hello, I`m Philipp with a double P
Hi, I`m Franzi with a double D

Are you from Poland? You stole my heart.

You belong locked up in my apartment!

If I told you right now that you have a wonderful smile, you would think that I was trying to turn you on. And you would be right about that.

You`re so hot, even the shade doesn`t cool you down.

have seen before. Can I interview you about this?

I am currently writing an article for the newspaper about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

There are enough miracles, but you surpass them all.

Sex makes you slim. Let`s lose weight together.

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