Stuff you better not say to the Police 1/3

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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...tear open the glove compartment and scream: Bridge to engine room - less coal, we`re going too fast!

I can get my papers out of the glove box if you hold my beer for a moment.

The man was speeding and was stopped by police

Police: If you give me a good reason for speeding, I will not issue you a ticket Man: Three weeks ago my wife left me and went with the police officer, when I saw your car I was afraid that you would bring her back.

It`s no longer "thief" but "spontaneous transfer of ownership".

N / A? Stubborn because mom dressed you two the same thing again this morning?

I was brought up well! I have no idea what happened then.

"Do you have any residual alcohol?"

"No, no... all drunk away."

Do cyber police officers actually wear Google-safe vests?

Police: "What`s in the bottle?"
Me: "water"
Police: "That`s wine!"
Me: "Oh no... Jesus did it again..."

"You know why I stopped you?" - "Yes, because Batman and Robin hunt the right criminals."

How should I show you my driver`s license? Your colleagues took it from me 2 years ago.

You don`t know me, but I`m supposed to say hello to you from your wife.

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