Stuff you better not say to a pregnant women 1/2

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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I can`t even imagine what incredible pain you will have during the birth.

Dude, your boobs are huge!

I knew right away you were pregnant, your face is so bloated.

Sleep as much as you can! You`ll never get any sleep again!

Is it intentional or an accident?

Was it more fun in than out?

Since we are parents, we share the tasks. My wife breastfeeds because I can't and I sleep because she can't.

Honey, I`m so tired, this whole pregnancy thing is just as exhausting to me as it is to you.

Don`t be silly, it`s just your hormones!

I heard you shouldn`t do that when you`re pregnant!

Honey, the pregnancy test is negative. It's a shame... I had already thought of a name - for myself - so that you wouldn't find me abroad.

Congratulation! It's a boy! Do you already have a name? Of course! I am Horst!

Is it worth switching to Marlboro Light for the last two months?

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