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Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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If I ever come to you, MON CHERIE, we`ll take a PURPLE BREAK and you`ll get FERRERO KISSES from me. Then you can nibble on my NUTS and then see what is probably the LONGEST PRALINE IN THE WORLD. You can then put this in your AFTER EIGHT and say: BOA, IS THE FAT MAN!

The kebab man is the only one who will ever call me boss.

If you wake up next to your sweetheart every day, you are in a happy relationship. Or PIRATE!

Jesus: "Instead of talking about death, rather break this bread." Judas: "If you rhyme one more time, I'll betray you." Jesus: "Do that, Judas."

What do you call a group of wolves? Wolfgang!

You would have to be a caterpillar: Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep > Zack! > Nice!

How was the time management seminar?
That was today?!

That fart when even the eggs in the fridge salute, thinking a comrade died of old age.

"Do I have to bring something?"

"Just a good mood."

"I canceled then."

A non-alcoholic tonic is ginlos.

A biscuit has 20 KCAL. The daily requirement of an average adult is 100 biscuits. refining.

I taught my little brother to walk up to hipsters in oversized shirts and buns and say, "This dress flatters your curls, beautiful woman."
The looks are priceless.

The relaxing thing about such a classic newspaper is the missing comment function!

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