Stuff you better not say to your Girlfriend 1/6

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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Better a cock greedy one than a really difficult one.

But you want to be a princess, you already know: Cinderella lost her shoe, not her panties...

Of course you don`t know that, you`re a woman too.

Is that makeup or did you lose at paintball?

I want to be in the front row when your theater starts!

Just take my credit card and buy whatever you want.

shopping? On Saturday? ARE YOU CRAZY?! There`s football!

The best thing about women is that they can forgive you even though you are innocent.

5 girlfriends meet and have nothing to talk about... because everyone is there.

Honey, let`s go on vacation to Bulgaria next year, the nudist beaches are supposed to be great there!

You`re like a pack of Chinese firecrackers. Pay 1 euro, pop 5 times.

My ex girlfriend had bigger breasts.

By the way, I like to go to the swingers club

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