Stuff you better not say to Blondes 1/4

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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A blonde hit a stranger`s car. He screams angrily: "Have you even taken a driving test?" The blonde yells back: "Yes! And certainly more often than you!”

Why does the blonde stand in the corner when she`s cold? Well, the corner is 90 degrees!

When is a blonde worth a mark? – When she pushes a shopping cart.

Three blondes are on an island 100 meters away from civilization. The first swims 25 meters and drowns. The second swims 50 meters and drowns. The third swims 75 meters and then thinks: "I can`t do it anymore". And swim back to the island!

How did a blonde try to screw in a lightbulb? She holds the bulb in the socket and waits for the whole world to revolve around her.

The blonde said to the taxi driver: “Unfortunately, my money is not quite enough. Please drive back 500 meters!”

Why don`t blondes need an umbrella? Because the path from the bedroom to the kitchen is covered!

From a blonde`s diary: Funny how so much happens every day that the newspaper fills up.

What color hair did Rapunzel have? Of course she was blonde - a brunette would have just opened the door.

What does a blonde do when she covers her ears with both hands? She`s trying to keep a thought.

Why does a blonde laugh 3 times at a joke? The first time you tell it; The second time you explain it. The third time she understands him.

How do you measure a blonde`s intelligence? A compressed air knife is stuck in her ear.

Why is it assumed that Rapunzel was a blonde? - Quite simply, anyone else would have thrown down the keys!

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