Stuff you better not say to a Vegetarian 1/1

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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Did you know vegetarians live 15 years longer because they`re never invited to anywhere that`s fun or dangerous? Instead, they stay at home crying and drink their eco-drink carefully, being careful not to let the tears fall into the drink because it`s a product of animals.

I`m looking for 3-4 vegans to mow the lawn.

My food shits on your food!

Even the most obsessed vegetarians don`t like to bite the dust.

My husband was asked if he would like a vegetarian meal. Now he has to breathe through a sausage bag...

"Dad, I`m..."

"Oh god, please don`t!"

"... humid!"

"Phew, lucky you. I thought vegan"

You vegetarians are starting to overdo it though... crying over an onion, pfff.

I hate vegetarians... why do you have to force your opinion on everyone?

If two vegetarians argue, is there still beef?

"I have a cold" "Drink tea with honey, it helps" "No, I'm vegan" "Then die!"

Meat doesn`t solve any problems... but neither does fruit.

I don`t like vegetarians. They eat my food the food away!

You know you`re not getting enough protein like this?