Stuff you better not say during a Job Interview 1/2

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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"You have a gap in your resume."
"Yes. Was great."

Resume doesn`t sound cool. I call it my "What Happened So Far"

"You have a gap of 5 years in your CV, what have you been doing during this time?"

"rinsed off"

I`ll do your job soon

Sorry for the delay... I got stuck. By car? No, in bed!

According to your records, one of your hobbies is "know-it-all". No - it says Klugschei├čen explicitly! Thanks, we'll get back to you.

Good morning, my name is Kevin.

Something is going wrong in your company. But now I`m here.

I won`t say anything without my lawyer!

- How is your general education?
- Excellent!
- What does Richard Wagner say to you?
- The inventor of brick oven pizza!
- We`ll get back to you then...

What are their strengths?

I fall in love quickly

Aha okay, and their weaknesses?

her blue eyes...

... I can do quite a lot. I don`t know what I can`t do. As far as I know, there`s nothing I can`t do!

I gained international experience and intercultural competence in Malle and Ibiza.

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