Stuff you better not say to a iPhone owner 1/2

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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It only gets really bitter when you ask SIRI why you are single and SIRI opens the front camera.

Why doesn`t Apple have an iPod Touch for kids? Because then it would be called "iTouchKids".

Swine flu is like an iPhone - rare and hard to get at first, and now everyone has it!

What`s the difference between a Mac user and a terrorist? You can negotiate with the terrorist.

The biggest advantage of the iPhone is that women can only make calls as long as the battery lasts.

iPhone user meets Android user.
iPhone user: "Sorry, I`m late, my alarm didn`t go off!"
Android user: "The meeting was postponed anyway. Didn`t get the SMS?

The Apple CEO just announced he`s gay. Samsung`s CEO then announced that he`s even gayer AND waterproof.

Apple is launching a large-scale product recall today. But so far they haven`t been able to reach anyone.

The calculator says Windows XP or better, so I bought a Mac...

What does an Apple user say about Nokia phones? "iGitt"

Do you know THE feature of the new iPhone: You can end the call whenever you want, if you .....

Child: "Dad, will you buy me a cell phone?"
Dad: "I`ll buy you shit!"
Child: "Oh no, no iPhone please!"

I just unscrewed my new iPhone. Because of the basic fee is already included.

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