Stuff you better not say while Shopping 1/1

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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Me: "Excuse me, where`s the shaving cream?"
Shop assistant: "Up there, but that beard suits you quite well."
Me: "Thanks, it`s for the eggs!"

I can flirt.

I should buy shampoo for my girlfriend. Now I have to decide if her hair is "stressed", "greasy" or "dull"... I can only lose.

I prefer to take them from behind, you don't know how many people have already been on the front. - Me, buying deodorant.

I'm stuck in traffic! Where, then?! At Aldi... The grandma in front of me has it right.

Smoothies: The art of selling a banana and an apple for €3.

I used to go to the kiosk with 1 DM and came home with 3 magazines, 6 packs of chewing gum, 10 surprise eggs and 2 ice creams...
Today there are cameras everywhere.

Anyone who says there are no stupid questions has never worked in retail.