Stuff you better not say during Sex 1/13

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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Whoever comes first gets to buy shoes.

That`s strange... So much bacon and yet such small breasts.

Do you also accept VISA?

Cover me up when you`re done!

The guys from the team really exaggerated... You`re not THAT good.

After two or three beers, you actually look quite passable.

I hope you`ll look just as good when I`m sober.

What`s your name again?

I finally know what the `bad` in intercourse stands for

Oh. I forgot to hang up! Granny? Are you still there? No, no, nothing happened to me.

I think about sex about every 3.14 seconds. Does this make me "PI" sexual?

If it wasn`t raining I could be on the soccer field right now...

I imagined worse.

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