Stuff you better not say at the Shared apartment (WG) 1/1

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

The entire offer is of course absolutely free and you never have to register!

My roommate`s diary says I`m having trouble sticking to boundaries?! What is he thinking?

I just found out that there is a word in English that describes my life very well:
SNACCIDENT: Accidentally eating a pizza and a bag of chips.

Judging by your mountains of laundry, you have about 34 children. And everyone works in the mine!

I`m looking for a flat share because I hate it when I`m sitting on the toilet, the doorbell rings and nobody is there to open it!

I really live in the greatest flat share! I have a car, my roommate has a job and the other has money.

Together we would pass as a functioning adult.

It`s nice that we have complete equality: we both don`t do anything.

The fact that we have a lot of alcohol in the apartment proves that we drink little. Otherwise he would be gone.