Stuff you better not say to your Teacher 1/1

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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My dad said that only 73% of all students need math later in life. I belong to the remaining 21%!

I figured I wouldn`t do the homework because I already know how to do it.

They remind me of the "Word" paper clip. She never knew either.

I`ll report you if you fail me! According to the Criminal Code, it is fraud if you take advantage of someone else`s ignorance to harm them!

Why do you have to study so many semesters to become a teacher? I`ll just sum it up:
- The teacher ends the lesson
- I don`t know if you can but you may
- You are obligated to deliver here
- You learn for life here
- It`s 6 for me too.

You`re right Mr...., of course you deserve twice as much vacation time compared to other professions. I mean, of course, you have to give the children bad grades the second half of the day from home, while others are still at work.

Honestly...I just don`t get it! Why the hell should I learn this? I`ll only need this utter nonsense if I`m ever going to teach it in a school. And we all know you don`t get paid enough for it.

Did someone forget to take their meds, mhhhh?

Ohhhh.... Ahhhh..... What are we talking about? I was just busy with "Oh and Ah".

Yes... I was listening, just not paying attention.

Wait a minute... why do we have to learn this?!