Stuff you better not say to your Parents 1/1

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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Mom, why is the internet so slow?

Either your brother is downloading porn again, or your sister is uploading some...

Please mom, let`s order a pizza. I`m sure your food tastes good - just not to me.

Get undressed? I`m sitting this out!

How far are you with my laundry mom?
How far are you with your studies?
Touché Mom... Touché

- Mom, is Easter Bunny a profession?
- I was about to say no, but these days YouTubers and influencers are considered job titles, so what do I know.

Here`s my certificate mom.

WATT?! Ne 6 in German? The teacher can`t be serious about that! I practiced with you imma!

Just picked up my niece from daycare. So if you don`t like smacking and chewing noises, then never work in a kindergarten or have children.

5 children were eating, it reminded me of a scene in "The Walking Dead".

Mom, I want a pink streak to express my individuality. That`s what everyone is doing right now!

I like to play with my niece. And by play I mean she`s playing with a barbie and I`m holding another and waiting for instructions.

Son: "I quit school"
Father: "Okay, but please never forget one thing!"
Son: "Which?"
Dad: "I don`t want pickles on my cheeseburger!"

I know I`ll be writing math tomorrow, but there`s a documentary about door frames on TV right now!

Full of the ugly e-cigarette.

Your uncle plays the flute... Kevin.