Stuff you better not say to Officials 1/1

Here we have many funny and sometimes deeply shocking insights into things that shouldn't be said.

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Officials are the bearers of the nation. One slower than the other.

Two officers sit together in the office. "What do you think if we buy an aquarium?"

"Don`t you think that brings too much hectic into the office?"

Three in an office and one works?

Two officers and a fan!

What is the busiest day for a civil servant?

On Monday he has to tear off three pages of the calendar.

"You want a job in our company. What can you do?"


"Sorry, the high-paying positions are all filled!"

"Is your work actually difficult?" an official is asked.

"No," he admits, "but it`s a disruptive factor between cures, follow-up cures, holidays, public holidays, weekends, company outings..."

The shortest civil servant joke: If a civil servant goes to work ...

What do you think of an aquarium in the office?
For sure? That brings too much hectic into the office.